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In this temple facing West, unusually Lakshmi is in a standing posture as VAISHNAVI as worshipped in North. Main deity: Though this is a Shiva temple with Viswanadhar and Visalakshi ammai, the main deity is Subramanya Swamy Significances: A popular place of pilgrimage, Legend: After the Soora samharam by Lord Subramanya, Soora requested that he be a vahana for Murugar.During the renovation of the temple recently, an idol of YOGA NARASIMHAR was unearthed and has been installed now in the temple during the Samprokshanam which was held in Jan 2011. Soora was asked by Subramanyar to penance at varaha river.Soora took the form of a peacock and started the penance.

She also constructed the temple for Lord Manickeshwarar and Sri Varadharaja Perumal temple.This temple which was in brick originally was converted onto stone temple during the period of Vikrama Chola (1183-1235 A. The deity of the temple is known Thiruvanmikai Eswaramudayar as well as Perumukkal Udayar in Tamil and Mukthialeeswarar in Sanskrit.The donations made by the Chola, Pandya, Sambuvaraya and Vijayanagara rulers have been recorded in more than 60 inscriptions found on the rocks.Also the shape of the hill is in the form of a peacock.It is said that Srilasri Sivagnana Palaya Swamigal was in yoga nishta for 100 years here drinking the milk of Kalli plant and merged with Lord Shiva.

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